About Us

Festival is synonymous to the exciting Caribbean culture that Derry and Ann-Marie Montoute came from. Although Derry grew up in New York and Ann-Marie in London, England, they were both born on the island of Trinidad, where food and festivity is a way of life. Derry acquired his cooking skills at a very early age and is now a fantastic “Home Chef” where he pleases the palate of family and friends. Making hot sauce is one of Derry’s specialties that family and friends have grown to love. This is what drove Ann-Marie to encourage Derry to share his hot sauce with the world. Hot Sauce is a #1 Caribbean condiment that Derry has perfected with a blend of unique island ingredients. Derry is very passionate about making sure that whatever he prepares is brimming with incomparable flavor. Festival Hot Sauce brings out the flavor in your favorite foods!